OAF & Frogner Kino presents "Do The Right Thing" (1989)

Oslo Architects' Association and Frogner Kino collaborate on film screenings with architecture and neighbourhood as a theme

Spike Lee's "Do the Right Thing" takes us to a scorching summer in Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn, New York, a neighborhood full of urban originals and different ethnic groups. Spike Lee's international breakthrough Do the Right Thing a razor-sharp portrayal of racism in America , which is still very relevant. It is also a film about an urban neighbourhood where people almost live on top of each other. How can different groups coexist? Why is there friction between minorities? And what does it mean to do the right thing?


Oslo Architects' Association (OAF) is a local association in the National Association of Norwegian Architects. 

Frogner Kino is a small, traditional district cinema, restored to the way the cinema was on its opening day in 1926. 
Do the Right Thing 175