Lecture with Takeshi Hayatsu/ Hayatsu Architects

Urban activism

  • Location: Oslo Architects Association, Josefinesgate 32
  • Organiser: 

    Oslo Architects Association

Site adaptation and aesthetic quality are holistically integrated in Hayatsu's work, activating urban spaces, creating identity markers that can bring the neighbourhood together.

Hayatsu Architects is a London based studio established in 2016 by Takeshi Hayatsu. The practice has been described by the RIBA Journal as "urban activism".

The projects are characterized by a deep understanding of place, playfulness, and a high level of implementation. This approach comes from Takeshi's background in the rehabilitation of historic buildings, as well as in the Japanese tradition of use of materials and design. Hayatsu's portfolio includes both private and public commissions, and ranges from temporary installations to exhibitions and small-scale interventions. The projects are often self-built, built in collaboration with local organizations through participatory processes.

We get close to the neighbourhood in Hayatsu's work, which is also the topic when we invite you to the screening of the film "Do The Right Thing" at Frogner Kino on, 15 November; the film deals with an urban environment where people live on top of each other. How do different groups can coexist?

The lecture series for the Oslo Architects Association this autumn is an independent lecture series, but this autumn will be linked to the Oslo Architecture Triennale's theme "Neighbourhood assignments - (Re)forms for community."

Oslo Architects Association (OAF) is a local association in the National Association of Norwegian Architects.

Portrait Hayatsu Architects